Independent women:

In general, men run away from independent women, say the statistics, and indeed, it is so.

And we don’t ask why? There are many reasons and answers to this question.

Independent women are strong and do not depend on anyone, in every way. Many men do not like independent women. They also have many reasons that lead them to run away from this category of women.

The first reason, of men with a wrong conception and dominated by the team, are generally those who underestimate themselves, well, some have preconceived opinions, such as:

  • 1. They are afraid that they will feel underestimated. What is and isn’t true. And you will ask yourself the question: “Well why? “
  • 2. They are afraid of being manipulated, abandoned, underestimated… .
  • 3. They are afraid and the reasons intervene, like: a little rich or even poor, and with a function like hers lower than hers.
Romanian Proverb: ,,HH. Why tie my head if it doesn't hurt?

Despite these fears, strange, full of fear and full of contradictions, what leads a man to lose a good woman. (Good in all respects as intelligence, housewife, faithful….etc).

For that, sometimes even if he happens to be right, not all women are the same. Thus he said that just as men are not alike, so women are not all alike.

A woman with a good heart, accepts him as he is, and as long as she accepted him, it is very clear and plausible that she saw that something good in him, which he also underestimated. In conclusion she wants him and maybe even loves him.

Why do I say maybe she loves him because there is a big difference between these words love and want. The man with preconceived notions indicates that it would be good to give up these turmoils that unbalance self-confidence and stagnation of success Because there are women who completely give up the idea of ​​being authoritarian and manipulative with a person who loves them, if sheeste o persoană care este autoritara și abuzivă , atunci când simte că are ceva de făcutrespect .

And here again a question surely enters the man’s mind.(Obviously to a woman in a similar situation,) , if somehow to speak somewhere, something like this about that woman. And how the mouths of the envious, even if it is not true, invent stories to discredit her and label her > the reason for envy.)

Because that’s how they’re really light-hearted and see something unique and attractive that exists in that chosen one and ,erita loved one and considering that that thing can make life more happy because everything, like: functionality, money, etc. they can be done together when there is soul compatibility .


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