This was the CIA’s little secret.

For those of you who don’t know, over 50 years have passed since the CIA’s so-called “remote viewing experiments” and for a long time, these experiments were the CIA’s little secret.
But the details of the experiment eventually emerged.
During these experiments… subjects would sit in a room and identify a target using only their minds… miles away… for a military strike.
Sounds crazy, right?
Well, they thought so too.
Until it started working.
What we now know is that subjects were opening their 3rd EYE to see things not visible to the naked eye.

The ancients knew that cleaning the root chakra is very important, and that it works at the frequency of 369.

This chakra is closely related to the ability to generate wealth, luck and financial security in one’s life.

Many of today’s humans: have learned how to open their 3rd EYE to see and manifest new realities with ease. Others have inherited these techniques.
Now you also have the opportunity to manifest a new world of today.
This page link will help you say goodbye to money worries forever by…
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