The emerald is one of the most precious stones, with an extremely powerful energy that affirms life and its lush history. As the Emerald is as a stone itself durable, so in existence it has three parts of durability; hardness, toughness and stability. Simultaneously with this lasting power, the energetic part possesses an incredible power to balance the psyche of the being who wears it. And with a special tenacity, to open the heart chakra that calms and balances emotions. Among these energetic qualities are also the inspiration, balance, wisdom and patience, what makes it, the human being, who wears it, either female or male, of any age, that jewel. Implicitly, that jewel offers elegance, refinement , luxury, due to its precious qualities, both beauty and beneficial energy. It ensures friendship, peace, harmony and familiar happiness, allowing the wearer to give and receive unconditional love. From long ago, of the brilliant past of the emerald. Man believed in the energetic power of the emerald which was proven to him, the power of belief in its powers, that emeralds could confer wealth, power and eloquence if worn as a jewel (be it as a talisman), whether ring, necklace , necklace bracelet, pendant, earrings, of any kind, (clips or…), to wedding rings, crowns, diadems, key chains, brooches and many others. It has rapidly been extended to countless cultures and regions and is and will be extended to countless present and future cultures in many regions and is in the midst of popularity. The emerald is like a green color (what do you know about the colors of the chakras) that this color also has the heart chakra. This deep and brilliant green color of emeralds has been revered throughout history by all cultures from antiquity to the present and will surely be eternal. The color green as you know generally means abundance, prosperity and growth in all aspects of life, whether it is expressed and manifested in your business world or within you as a state of harmony with yourself or with external socializing and dialogues with any interlocutor and any topic to be resolved, in any time and space.

Țin să precizez că trebuie să fiți atenți la alegrea uni esmerald. Să citiți ca piatra smarald, să fie piatră naturală formată divinitate și de mama sa, natura, pământ. Nu un smarald artificial. Desi sunt foarte frumoase si scumpe si acelea.( Știți că exista și perle artificiale).

Once upon a time, when I was a child, I watched documentaries with my father, about the power of the sun’s rays, how it can cut,… their reflection, a diamond, an emerald… and about how we can know natural but also synthetic precious stones, made by man. An artificial Emerald is synthetic. It has the same chemistry, scratch resistance and color as the natural emerald, but made in a laboratory instead of earth and they have no energy, benefic I suspect nor bad, that it is not made with malice by the one who makes it imbued with his energy and the artificial ones are also in trend and I repeat, even very expensive, since they have some Karate percentage of the original emerald dust.

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